The TASTER is a sampling of films from the Green Planet Films collection.

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5 Videos

  • A Kid for the Wild Compilation

    A Kid for the Wild is a playlist of 11 ecology music videos created by Judy Lehmberg, a former college biology, zoology and botany teacher, now filmmaker. The majority of songs are by the late Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, a singer songwriter, poet, photographer, painter and long distance hiker from Big Sk...

  • Little Miss Dewie - a DUCKumentary

    Little Miss Dewie: A Duckumentary is a documented story of compassion and humanity caught in action. What started out as a few hours of time to help an orphaned duck led to a journey to find the right home for a helpless animal. Sacrificing the comforts of her home,work schedule, and even facing ...

  • THIN ICE The Inside Story of Climate Science (56 Mins)

    In recent years climate science has come under increasing attack, so concerned geologist Simon Lamb grabbed his camera and set out to explore the inside story of climate research. For over three years he followed scientists from a wide range of disciplines at work in the Arctic, Antarctic, Southe...

  • Extinction in Progress

    Haiti is known to be the poorest country of the western hemisphere and is still struggling to get on its feet from a disastrous earthquake, but Haiti’s real problem is the complete degradation of its natural resources. Natural forests cover today less than two percent of its territory. Scientists...

  • GREEN a film by Patrick Rouxel

    GREEN won top awards from the two most prestigious wildlife film festivals in the world…and more than 30 others.

    Set in Indonesia. Meet Green, an orangutan and victim of human impact. Follow the devastating journey as her home is destroyed by logging, clearing for palm oil plantations, and the...