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  • The Future of Birds

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    With the loss of global biodiversity and climate change in mind, the world`s ornithologists are understanding how important birds are for ecosystems and economies. In this documentary, you will discover recent research conclusions with scientists and ornithologists from around the planet. You wi...

  • The Last Stand: Heroes at Ballona Wetlands (2004)

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    In 2013, the Ballona Wetlands is under threat of development again. This is a short film dealing with the high profile preservation and development controversy in Southern California. This spirited film includes highlights from earlier versions as well as well as dramatic new footage covering the...

  • Teach Me To Be Wild

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    Teach Me to Be WILD explores the work of a sanctuary in Northern California, where a team of injured, non-releasable wild animals become Wild-Teachers and are helping heal generations of hurt children (at-risk teens, justice-involved youth, foster kids and others). The traumatic histories of the ...


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    From substations to gas stations, boardrooms to military bases — this film tells the story of America’s energy industry on the brink of massive change. Whether it fails, prevails or adapts, the outcome will profoundly affect us all.