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  • Teach Me To Be Wild

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    Teach Me to Be WILD explores the work of a sanctuary in Northern California, where a team of injured, non-releasable wild animals become Wild-Teachers and are helping heal generations of hurt children (at-risk teens, justice-involved youth, foster kids and others). The traumatic histories of the ...


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    From substations to gas stations, boardrooms to military bases — this film tells the story of America’s energy industry on the brink of massive change. Whether it fails, prevails or adapts, the outcome will profoundly affect us all.

  • The Watershed Guardians of the Fraser River

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    The Fraser River is one of the most beautiful rivers of Canada. But how healthy is it really? In this documentary we embark on a journey and meet with the people who are studying and defending the Fraser River and its watershed. With scientists, activists, outdoorsmen, farmers, educators, arti...

  • Paradise With Side Effects Public Screening

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    A documentary following two women from Ladakh, or Little Tibet, a remote region in the Himalayas, on a reality tour of London to see what life in the West is really like. They are exposed to aspects of modern urban life homelessness, old-age homes, big garbage dumps that contrast sharply with the...