Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Water Management

Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Water Management

A closer look at the dominant environment of the planet and man's relationship with it.

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Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Water Management
  • The Krill Is Gone

    THE KRILL IS GONE: shows us how burning fossil fuels is impacting the world’s fragile underwater ecosystems. 3 mins.
    DIRECTOR: Jeffrey Bost
    VOICEOVER TALENT: SpongeBob’s Tom Kenny and Jill Taley
    Producer: Matt Briggs
    Writer: Clark Taylor

  • The Last Wetlands

    The Last Wetlands
    The last big wetlands of the southern Caribbean sea, a marine and submarine park with the most important mangrove system. The marine and submarine fauna make it the great ecological scene of the Venezuelan coast line. Beautiful landscapes and environments, marine birds, the fa...

  • Lake Invaders: The Fight for Lake Huron

    The third largest freshwater lake on the planet has been invaded by numerous exotic species over the last century. “Lake Invaders: The Fight For Lake Huron” is a documentary which explores the threat to Lake Huron’s ecosystem and the innovative solutions employed by biologists. Biologists from ar...

  • Powell to Powell

    From June through September 2012 Will Stauffer-Norris, Zak Podmore and friends walked, kayaked, and rafted from Rocky Mountain National Park to Lake Powell along the Colorado River. Along the way they talked to over 30 people involved in the Colorado: farmers, ranchers, water managers, profession...

  • River, River, River Run

    Sing along with this gently moving song as we learn about river systems.

  • A CHANGING DELTA : Restoring the Colorado River Delta in Mexico

    Left for dead after decades of neglect, the terminus of the Colorado River in Northern Mexico was once a vibrant wetland ecosystem the size of Rhode Island. “A Changing Delta” chronicles the stories, issues, and people of the Colorado River Delta in Mexico, and what they’ve done to reconnect one ...

  • Pumping

    Shot with a hand-cranked camera, Pumping contemplates history of the Southern Pacific Railroad which was largely responsible for transforming LA into a metropolis. The film traces the two crucial resources for this development: water and oil. As a whispered monologue unfolds, a lonely figure ride...

  • Exuma

    Exuma is a documentary film that uses innovative cinematography above and below the surface to highlight the surreal beauty of the Exuma Cays. The Exumas are a string of small islands in the Bahamas and this film is the first to highlight the beauty of these remote ʺout islands.ʺ The film is a wi...

  • TULARE The Phantom Lake

    Tulare Lake in California’s Central Valley was once the largest lake west of the Mississippi. By the year 1910, the lake had been completely dried by water diversion and land reclamation, along with the dislocation of the Valley’s indigenous people. Today the region maintains the most productive ...


    Watershed Revolution is a 30-minute film that profiles community members and organizations working to protect and restore Ventura, California’s watershed. It highlights the need for open space and floodplain protection, sustainable agriculture, and community awareness of our most precious resourc...